A continuous Workshop for students of St. John’s High School in an attempt to tap and hone the writing talent of the young men.

      Running for the last three years.

      Sponsored by Old Boy Yasho Saboo.

      By supporting Ruskin Bond’s visit the Foundation would further be able to inspire budding authors and strengthen Crucible.



      The Foundation plans to organise year long training programmes for bright students so that they can excel in national level Maths and Science Olympiads.


      The Foundation would help Johnians in other academic pursuits as well.


Inspirational Talks                                          

The Foundation plans a series of inspirational talk- events to inspire the Johnians to try and emulate those who have shone in their fields.



      The Foundation organises thought- leadership events and conferences that provide opportunities to the young boys to hear the brightest brains speak on innovative subjects in a corporate environment. CISTM 2008

      CISTM 08 : An International Conference was organised in August 2008 at IIT Delhi. Theme: Transitioning to a Knowledge Economy.

      CISTM 06: Facing the Information Society, a Conference on Information Science, Technology and Management was organised at Chandigarh in July 2006.